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Firm SAFO history

Logo of jeweller firm SAFOTime has come to open old secret of the jeweller world. Сафо. Древняя фреска

This carefully disappearing secret – coded community of founders and admirers of the most refined jewellery. At it rather long and nice history, let and unknown to a wide range of the uninitiated.

Without wishing to suppress more from people the mysterious and mysterious facts connected with activity of jeweller firm Safo, we have dared to tell at last the truth that it would be not necessary to us. (Read this text in russian and france)

Our story should be begun with far and mysterious times of the second millenium B.C. During this period the unique corner of a civilisation in Europe was in Greece – all the rest still has deeply wallowed in barbarity. Two shining semi-precious stones on this dark background Crete and Mycenae sparkled. And, of course, there, where there is a civilisation, there is also its obligatory companion – a jewellery. The first large centre of jeweller manufacture in Europe were sung by the Homere златообильные Mycenae. Till now creations of Mycenaean jewellers amaze with the refined unique style. Them sold in Egypt, in the Near east. Actually it of veins the whole city which was considered then the largest centre of a civilisation in Greece.


old_jew_02 old_jew_01 old_jew_03
Ancient Mycenaean ornaments from gold

But there has come awful accident. As often happens with great civilisations, Mycenae has fallen under blow of invasion of barbarians. Severe mountaineers дорийцы have gone down on rich plains, plundering and destroying all on the way. But carriers of jeweller traditions of a great civilisation have remained. For rescue of the knowledge they have created a secret society. This society is reserved has existed till today. Only so it was possible to return to the tops of skill lost in the ancient time. Activity of many great people has been connected with this secret community. The well-known poetess Safo, following organisation instructions, propagandised culture of carrying of jeweller ornaments among the Greek women, proved in the sonorous verses that "угодны those who is decorated, and from not decorated gods turn away". During this moment the society was on the verge of disintegration – after all there were centuries of secret work, but the purpose seemed on former inaccessible. Сафо the inimitable talent has inspired us new hope, has strengthened our reeled spirit, has installed belief in the forces. Till now we derive inspiration from its creativity and we esteem her as the outstanding figure of our award who was called since then as a society of Safo.

ПлатонPhilosopher Platon named Safo "the tenth Muse", its images minted on coins and cut from marble, and her name entered into a canon of the greatest Greek poets. However, the secret society has much worked at distribution of its popularity. In many respects thanks to this imperceptible work glory of Safo not увяла and to this day. Many great minds have filed the forces of a society of Safo.

ПифагорPythagoras received from secret association money for studying of the well-known trousers – to the coded jewellers there were vital advanced workings out of a science of that time for creation new дизайнов ornaments. Opening of the well-known law has been actually made by Archimedes for the decision of technological problems facing to a secret society.

The secret society supplied with the ornaments of great people. The eminence of the Macedonian kingdom, from the small country of half-civilised shepherds turned to world empire, was secretly supported by a society it was required to which more than cultural space for the activity. As the proof of communication of Macedonians with a society of Safo the samples who have remained till this day of Macedonian ornaments can serve. Crowns of Macedonian tsars are actually made by the best jewellers of a society.

Alexander the Great who has been brought up by Aristotle – great Platon's pupil, has ordered in us a magnificent harness for Butsefala. At a new stage the society has connected the activity with other force – with Rome. July Caesar and Cleopatra was received from it as a present by rings. And cooperation with the emperor proceeded so long August and was so salutary that we covered with its ornaments from head to foot. Shortly before death he has decided them to disassemble and classify. For this work at it the whole month named subsequently on August has left.

On an extent of history of mankind the society aspired to supply the most advanced and high-ranking people of time, those who sets the fashion epoch. But with civilisation growth, population increase, complication of social structure it became more difficult and more difficult to do this all. The decision has been found: it has been decided to create structure parallel to a society which would unite such influential people. Therefore in 17 century in England emissaries of a society in contact to the small group calling free masons. Talented curators have made out in time considerable potential of this structure which thanks to support of a secret society became influential movement of masons.

Many great people of the Middle Ages have been secretly connected with a society: Charles the Great, Eleonora Aquitania, Phillip Krasivyj. Тамплиеры, having come into contact to a secret society during crusades, have scared together a fortune on intermediary trade by its production. But eventually the secret society dissatisfied with their too injurious policy, liquidated тамплиеров another's hands. Contacts of a society to the Holy See, reached the apogee during an epoch of Bordzhia from this point on begin. Caesar and Lukretsija especially appreciated the ornaments presented by a society. The society willingly met half-way individual wishes of clients – for example, in rings always became набольшие tanks with poison or built in poisoned иголочки in case the owner will need to poison urgently somebody with poison or hand shake.

Сафо (SAFO)At last now, thanks to centuries-old efforts of a society the mankind has ripened for original jeweller culture. Therefore we have decided to leave a shade, having offered people the values accessible earlier only to a narrow circle of the elite devoted. In honour of the finest and talented participant we took a name of Safo. We operate in the different countries. But we have decided to make the first step of a shade in Russia. After all Russia – the full successor эллинской cultures. Once for a long time, when great Constantinople has fallen under blows of furious osmanli Turks, its rests have passed to far northern coreligionists. To them (that is to you) together with Orthodoxy the culture of the Ancient Greece together with Plutarhom and Fukididom, Alexander the Great and Femistoklom, the Homere and Safo has come also. In each country the society of Safo develops the themes close to spirit and consciousness of its people in the art. Somewhere it is dreams of the far seas, of the exotic countries, of returning in "Golden Age". And that we offer Russia?

Certainly, each Russian person first of all loves the nature of the country. The sky, the rivers, woods and fields. Therefore we offer it ornaments in style of wild flowers familiar to all: a forget-me-not, a camomile, a hand bell, a violet. That decorates Russian field, instead of the Dutch greenhouse. Therefore we have deviated from the travelled all over and hackneyed subject of imitation roses and lilies, nothing speaking to heart of the Russian person.We have not limited the activity by flora, remembering a kingdom of animals great and not less close to our heart, we with pleasure offer whose tiny sculptures to our friends. Meanwhile the jeweller tradition recognises only two categories of dumb animals: butterflies and dragonflies. This all beautiful and attractive beings, but we do not wish to be limited to them and we go further, creating minisculptures with other heroes. Many of them simply vital. For example, how it is possible to imagine the Russian person without a bear? And how to it to live without other our national symbol – a two-headed eagle? How to do without symbols of good luck and vital success: Fate, a frog, a turtle? After all the modern Russian person is not so ready to limit itself only to spiritual riches, it needs also riches terrestrial.

Other part of soul of the Russian person is directed from the earth upwards, to the sky. Not casually Russia became the first country which has broken in space. Bent for to distant open spaces is put in the Russian person for a long time, still when it was settled on boundless open spaces of the country. Now on the earth any more does not remain the places opened and not passed by the person. But the spirit землепроходцев, the past once through all Siberia, is still live in Russian people, and calls them further. Therefore we do ornaments of "heavenly" subjects: constellations and zodiacal signs.
One more remarkable party of Russian character – love to chess game. Many world champions in this kind of sports – natives of our country. So it has turned out that this game in Russia is popular among various strata of society. It is very useful – after all chess learns to consider the acts, to count their probable consequences and reaction of other people. For some people game in chess – simply pure intellectual abstraction. But others are allocated by gift to see and feel their beauty. For such people we have connected beauty of chess and beauty of jewels, having created the ornaments personifying philosophy of great game.